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Born and raised in the city, I remember waiting for my aunt to pick me up and bring me to the country for a weekend retreat. I would wait patiently on the stoop of my multi-family home, amped up for my escape from the city.  

My first encounter with nature left an impression that has molded my life, I would forever crave being outdoors and one with nature and the elements.

I am a lover of nature, animals and am particularly in love with this country and spend lots of time wandering around it, gathering beautiful images, that I am blessed to share with you.

My photography focuses on nature, pets, and events.

 I do all my own editing and enjoy making my subjects happy and beautiful.  


My services include a full line of sublimation gifts, which I manufacture myself in my own studio.  Please visit my site and feel free to contact me for a free consultation before booking your session.


"I see things differently.  My vision stops me in my tracks, puts me out on a limb, mountain or Mesa.  I am a lover of nature and blessed to share my vision with you."



Nancy Marie Giordano


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New Fairfield, CT. 06812


Tel: 203-297-1182

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