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Hello!  My name is Nancy Marie, and I am the owner of

Bella's Personalized Gifts.

Welcome to my online shop.  Here is how my business started. 

Bella's Personalized Gifts, was named after my beautiful Mother.

 Mom was 83 years old when she passed and my Father was left behind.

Dad was 14 years older than Mom.

He needed some assistance, so I brought Dad to live with us;

my husband and three beautiful children.

I would become Dads caregiver for 4.5 years, before he passed in

September 2020 at the age of 101.  

I had left my job, to maintain my Father's care.  

Feeling a bit isolated, I decided to take on some craft projects.  

It all began with Modge Podge transfers to wood.  

Although fun, it was a very long process.  

Who knew this craft would be the beginning of Bella's Personalized Gifts?  

I began researching different crafts and stumbled upon the world of sublimation.   Along with my strong background in graphic art and my design skills, it was a perfect match. I would spend the next several years introducing my business to you, my customers.  

You can find my work in various stores, throughout Arizona! 

My online shop offers all of my product line too!  

If you do not see what you are looking for, give me a call and I will assist.

Please visit my"Portfolio" page.  this is where my photography lives.

I am a lover of nature, animals and am particularly in love with this country and spend lots of time wandering around it, gathering beautiful images, that I am blessed to share with you.

My photography focuses on nature, pets, and events.

 I do all my own editing and enjoy making my subjects happy and beautiful.  

Than you for visiting!



Nancy Marie Giordano


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Gold Canyon, Arizona 85118

Tel: 203-297-1182

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